Empowering fleet managers with real-time EV battery health telematics

Unlock valuable battery insights to provide accurate lifecycle, value predictions and intelligent health diagnostics that can easily manage fleet assets.

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A long-term vision that goes beyond EV fleet management

Zero emission adoption is important to us as the world begins to transition away from fossil fuels to clean energy mobility. At Volterra, we pride ourselves on providing innovative digital solutions and insights to achieve imperative decarbonization efforts.

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The Battery Engineer in the Cloud

To support the accelerated adoption of Electric Vehicles and decarbonization goals, Volterra Technologies has developed a ‘first of its kind’ real-time EV battery health monitoring and management software to help busy fleet managers, who are transitioning to electric vehicles, solve their EV battery health problems before they occur.  Introducing EVCare, the 24/7 virtual battery engineer in the cloud, designed to save time, resources, and money, with an added bonus of extending valuable EV battery life up to 15%. 

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Unlock key battery principles

The EVCare technology software platform introduces a novel and unique approach to unlock and manage electric vehicle battery health influencing data.

Discover innovative ease of use functionality in fleet management software

Helpful tools to assist and manage battery health optimization of electric vehicles including access to real-time dashboards, alerts, reports, and data archives.

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The technology gap between fleet maintenance answered

Next level services of a ‘virtual battery engineer in the cloud’ using the latest advances in data mining and artificial intelligence to unlock the mysteries of complex battery performance and maintenance.

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Keeping batteries healthy means protecting an investment

The future of clean energy relies on electric vehicles, buildings, or storing energy production. Batteries can represent up to 50% of the cost of an electric vehicle. Understanding its health is important to optimize asset value and unlock the potential of extended life.

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