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WHAT IS EVCare?"The Battery Engineer in the Cloud"

EVCare offers real-time and accurate actionable insights into battery health across fleets and on individual vehicles. We provide intuitive dashboards, alerts and reports using metrics and colors to identify the current health status.

These predictive insights and active control strategies allow managers to solve EV battery problems before they occur to reduce asset downtime, underutilization, and ultimately improving their ROI substantially.

The battery engineer in the cloud

Fleet management at your fingertips

Solve complex battery problems before they occur to take the guess work out of electric vehicle management.

  • Access real-time battery health status from any device to determine priority actions required to keep the battery in optimal condition.

  • Provide accurate insights into lifecycle management, maintenance and asset value before and after repairs.

  • Continuously improve technical knowledge of battery health influencers.

  • Access the service of a virtual battery engineer that will save significant costs over the life of the battery.

  • The EVCare Vision

    We give fleet managers and operators the confidence in making key business decisions regarding battery management.

    Short Term Vision

    Achieve ‘peace of mind’ by gaining access to real-time and predictive battery health data by having a toolkit for better operational decision-making.

    Mid Term Vision

    Have access to predictive analytics and reports to guide fleet managers through operational optimization and fleet maintenance.

    Long Term Vision

    Gain insight into fleet efficiency and operational capabilities and fleet modernization to ultimately reduce cost and generate savings.

    Our software toolkit features several dashboards to deliver operational intelligence through real-time data analytics

    • FleetAccess RX

      A systemwide review of battery specifications, key performance indicators, health data, insights, and performance metrics at a glance.

    • FitStar

      An intuitive scorecard that provides summarized real-time actionable insights, individual health influencer levels, and across fleets for battery health projections.

    • LPM

      A battery lifecycle predictive analytics toolkit that provides real-time actionable insights into the expected lifespan and best management practices to maximize battery lifecycles.

    • AMS

      An adaptive maintenance solutions toolkit that analyzes, diagnoses, and prescribes providing a bridge between battery health management and existing maintenance software solutions.

    • ESC

      A prescriptive battery health certification management system that focuses on end of service or sale certification to maximize asset value.

    • WMS

      A warranty support checklist that provides insights into health issues, operating and maintenance management to ensure warranty compliance and approval on any fixes required.

    • TVAL

      A battery value estimator that provides accurate valuation at any stage of battery life to assist capital planning, sales and replacement.

    • SPECRX

      A battery specification manager that provides and compares key manufacturer and fleet specification data on individual batteries.

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