Market Opportunities

Industry Analysis

Transportation is a stable and mature industry that provides a backbone to the global economy. The changing factor in this industry is the transition to zero emission technology to meet air quality and public health mandates. The challenge of meeting these mandates is utilizing new technologies that also provide economic advantages. The EVCare platform supports the development of a consumer EV battery health analysis product broadens the EVCare market to include all EVs, commercial and private.

A pivot to any of these markets is within the reach of Volterra. Any industry that deploys advanced battery systems is an industry that is accessible to Volterra using its EVCare battery health monitoring and management platform.

Primary Markets

The EVCare primary market opportunity is EV fleet operations management with a focus on larger and heavier class electric vehicles and enterprise fleets. The market is robust and the transition to electric fleets is well underway. EV fleet operations is fast-growing market that has the benefit of existing understanding due to the growth of fleet management software solutions for existing vehicle fleets.

Adjacent Markets

Adjacent market opportunities for the EVCare platform are significant for anything that relies on batteries for energy utilization or storage. The underlying Volterra technology capabilities make EVCare an easy option that employs a battery management system on complex lithium batteries from autos to buildings and beyond.

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