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  • Introduction to Volterra Technologies

    We are a Vancouver, BC-based technology company delivering innovative digital solutions and data platforms to electric vehicle fleet managers, offering battery healthcare management data and actionable insights to optimize operations of the EV fleet, maintaining and extending the life of assets.

  • What is EVCare?

    The value of our EVCare software platform is managing battery health. EVCare offers access to crucial real-time access to battery health data to efficiently manage fleets by providing intuitive dashboards, alerts and reports using colour-coded metrics.

  • EVCare's Market Opportunities

    EVCare is positioned at the intersection of fleet and battery management. Our initial customer target will be a fleet operator transitioning to electric vehicles who needs access to battery healthcare and wishes to become an early adopter of battery health management.

  • Understanding EVCare's Values

    The EVCare SAAS platform is a ground breaking development that incorporates advanced telematics, and machine learning/artificial intelligence.

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