Meet the Team

Our Board of Directors

The board of directors was established in 2020 and currently consists of two of our founders.  The third board position is currently vacant and will be filled shortly.  The board of directors are elected every year at the annual general meeting (AGM).  Our enabling legislation allows up to five directors.  Additional directors above five require an amendment to the company by-laws.

  • Ian B. McAvoy

    Ian B. McAvoy

    Co-Founder / Chairman & Director

  • Darron Craig

    Darron Craig

    Co-Founder & Director

  • Peter McCree

    Peter McCree


Our Team

Our veteran founders are equipped with extensive clean technology industry experience across the value chain. Identifying, designing, engineering, building strong teams and delivering solutions are key components our leadership team has industrialized from their extensive networks.

  • Ian B. McAvoy

    Ian B. McAvoy


  • Nima Evans

    Nima Evans

    Co-Founder & CTO

  • Andrew Robertson

    Andrew Robertson

    Chief Product Officer

  • Geoff Crocker

    Geoff Crocker

    Chief Battery Engineer

  • Karl Kailing

    Karl Kailing

    VP, Business Development

  • Kim Tram

    Kim Tram

    Project Co-ordinator

  • Pashmeena Chandio

    Pashmeena Chandio

    Business Analyst

  • Brynn Norwood

    Brynn Norwood

    Product Research Analyst

  • Ali Al-Dadah

    Ali Al-Dadah

    Cloud Data Specialist

  • Jun Choi

    Jun Choi

    Full-stack Developer

  • Lina Yang

    Lina Yang

    Front-end Developer

  • Fatema Manakh

    Fatema Manakh

    Digital Product Design Intern

  • Imrit Singh

    Imrit Singh

    Digital Product Design Intern

  • Surendra Prajapati

    Surendra Prajapati

    Digital Product Design Intern

  • Aleisha Silvera

    Aleisha Silvera

    Front-end Developer

  • Chris Qin

    Chris Qin

    Back-end Developer

Our advisors

Our advisors have extensive knowledge and provide us with guidance in the clean tech, transportation and information technology industries. They assist in creating the short-term and long-term successes of Volterra.

  • Narayan Sainaney

    Narayan Sainaney

    Co-Founder & CTO, CodeZero (Vancouver, BC)

  • Mark McLaughlin

    Mark McLaughlin

    Chief Business Officer, Whoop (Silicon Valley, CA)

  • Chuck Harvey

    Chuck Harvey

    COO - Retired, Samtrans (Silicon Valley, CA)

  • Jonathan Soper

    Jonathan Soper

    CEO and Co-founder, Enovity

  • Aida Tahiri

    Aida Tahiri

    Senior Director, Enterprise Data and Analysis, Apotex Inc.

  • John McPherson

    John McPherson

    Senior Manager, Economic Transformation, Vancouver Economic Commission

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